Screen rendition of Bold under Windows 7

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A client of mine uses one of my typefaces in text work under Windows 7, in Regular and Bold.

He complained about being not able to actually spot the difference between the two fonts on screen, when working with a usual display scaling of his document (Word, I suppose).

Alright, the Bold is actually a modestly weighted Semibold. So far so good, it works on other Win versions appearently well, and on the Mac of course. I never heard that issue reported before.

What is it? What could be possibly done?
Thanks for your thoughts in advance.

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What flavour of font, PS or TT?

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This issue is old, it's a standard challenge for all Windows Cleartype. Verdana and Georgia are examples of the solution, bolder, and wider than usual bold. See also the RE fonts at Windows bold fonts that do not work so well include Trebuchet and the CT collection whose bolds are made for print or something.

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