Calabrating font sketches to be mathamatically correct? (Line Weight on Diagonals?) - Fontlab

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I just sketched out characters A-Z floating in between both Fontlab & AI tweaking in each program.

The issue that has been bothering me is matching up my lines weights between drawn diagonal lines. I want to assure that they are running parallel to each other, and I am also curious how hard it is to tweak the angle to match if it is off a bit.

I hope my phrasing makes sense and if not let me know, and i'll provide illustrations if needed.

Thanks, again.

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You can use the measurement tool to check the angles of the lines. If the angles are the same, the lines are parallel. You can also check visually by selecting the end points of one of the lines and temporarily dragging it over the other one.

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Another way is simply to copy one diagonal line segment, paste and drag. The copied segment can either serve as a guide, or can be rescaled to replace its partner...

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