Eliza sale poster

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a while ago I made a trademark for Elizabeth Horne. I am now about to print a 'sale' poster for their store window. dimensions are 530mm x 1400mm. Any comments?

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Kris, could you investigate using a bright promotional color rather than funerial black. Thats my only suggestion.

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The actual colour is more of a dark aubergine. The screenshot didn't quite register!

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It looks really somber to me. I would use something a little lighter. Even the dark aubergine you speak of sounds a little dark. It is really beautiful in itself- I like the stark contrast. It just doesn't fit the store. I would keep experimenting.

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That is an intersting comment, Sarah. As it goes, I have already printed them, and they are currently hanging in the store. The owners like them, and get lots of positive feedback on them. I would like to know why you think it doesn't fit the store.


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Kris, can you take some photos of them hanging in the store? I always like to see stuff like this in use.

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Hi folks,

Sorry for being so slack, but I have been in the midst of moving house. I can't get you a photo, sorry, because the shop is in another town, which I don't visit often enough. I also don't have a digital camera. Bah. excuses!

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