@face substitute for Gotham

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Does anyone know of a good substitute for gotham that offers a web license? Thanks in advance for any help.

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Proxima Nova is similar and awesome.

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Judging by Twitter, you might just be able to use Gotham very soon.

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from today's Ampersand Conference in Brighton UK also on twitter:

#ampconf Wild applause greets @H_FJ announcement that ‘100 per cent [about] of our fonts are available as webfonts’ #ampconf

p.s. Jonathan and I have the same eye glasses. Prada!

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Any word on when they are making that release?

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Jonathan said he was aiming for the next week or two, unless I'm mistaken. Here's a preview.

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Strange slide there. I'm pretty sure I saw a substantially different presentation and interpret a longer schedule than everyone here so far testified. But what do I know, I'm only into the lenses.

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