Kerning challenge

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Hello all,

I'm a graphic design student, and while I think I'm getting better at kerning, practice makes perfect - so here's my idea:

Give me a word or few words and a font (or fonts). Then I'll attempt to kern em to perfection; post the results, and see how bad I did...

I suppose you could stipulate U&LC, small caps, or all caps. And the fonts I have available are the Mac OSX system fonts, plus: benguiat, benguiat gothic, bauhaus, bookman, souvenir, aphasia, and carlton.

Thanks for playing! :-)


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Geppetto, here is my suggestion. Kerning isn't just the color of one word but the color overall as well. Try getting your hands on business cards and re-layout the design and work on the kerning. The reason business cards are hard is all those darn numbers. It would give you kerning and layout experience at the same time.

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