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You have valid concerns and agree with most of them. But you should be communicating directly with your designer. The design has many issues that need addressing. By coming here tells me you're not satisfied with the logo. You already stated your primary issues. As a designer I'd want to hear them from you.

And if it doesn't work out with your current designer. I'm sure many on here would love a crack at it. =)

Good luck.

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Thanks, Mauro. Amen to communicating with the designer! We've definitely been doing this, but I'd still be grateful to hear reactions from folks here.

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> could this [logo] work with other, wholly
> unrelated organizations?

I agree that it's a fairly abstract symbol. But of course your current logo — a tree — isn't all that specific to your mission either; I'm sure there are thousands of unrelated companies that have trees in their logos, ranging from arborists to paper companies to doctors offices. :)

> adaptability across print & screen media

It wouldn't reproduce well in a Xerox or fax, but that's probably not a big consideration. In print it should reproduce ok if you've using a good print shop. But these days screen media is the main consideration for many companies, as most companies are using conventional printing less and less.

> Will this be able to endure?

It's certainly a contemporary look; perhaps even a tad trendy. But if you're hoping for a timeless logo, keep in mind that most logos eventually start looking dated, and most larger companies change (or at least tweak) their logos periodically.

As hola said, these are really things you should be discussing with your designer. A discussion forum like this might be a good way to get a quick opinion, but designing a logo requires a lot in in-depth thought and discussion and your designer has hopefully given these issues a lot of thought.

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