Kickstarter backers needed: Quatro Typeface - a 16 font OpenType Family

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Dear you,

I know, this as a first post would be asking for trouble but I will gladly take the flak if this would result in a funded kickstarter project. I would be bummed out if this project doesn't get funded because I would like to use the sh*t out of that font. So my selfishness is in a way a shameless selfpromotion.

Anyways, Mark Caneso from p.s. type is looking for backers to expand his Quatro typeface from 3 fonts to a full 16 fonts - 4 weights (with matching italics in each style) type family. In my opinion an interesting solution for financing a typeface.

More info about this project is over here at kickstarter.

It would be awesome if more people could back this up.



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The promo video somewhat cloying, especially the music. But thankfully no pictures of kittens and puppy dogs.


$125 is a good deal for a 16-font family + specimen.
The only downside is you have to wait for the typeface to be completed.
How long will that be?

$13,000 is a good development budget for a retail type product—there is no knowing how long it would take to recoup that from normal sales.

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Oh yeah, price-wise it's a good deal. Regarding your question, I'll ask Mark if he can answer that.

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My goal would be to have the full family available by end of the year. The development of the sans is farther along then the slab so backers who only want those styles could get them sooner then those who are wanting the entire family.

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Good luck!


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