Drawing Type By Hand

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Late to join this discussion, I know, but for the record my favorite paper for drawing lettershapes on, prior to scanning is Clearprint:

They might have changed their numbering system since I last bought some, but I used to use the 1000HP with 10x10 grid. This has a tenth of an inch grid which to me is much more humane than working in millimeters. Also it is a vellum, which in Clearprint terms means the paper is made of cotton and stands up to a lot of erasing and ink pools. It is also see through for tracing purposes.

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Bienfang - Graphics 360 Pad chopped in half
length wise to conserve paper waste. Sturdy
for erasing, takes a pen without bleeding,
transparent enough to trace, but opaque
enough to see the new line you're drawing.

All in all, a great workhorse.

- Randy

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i use bienfang 360 as well. it's been a good paper for drawing letterforms.

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I have always found headaches by doing the geometrical constructive traces of the drawing, but when you finish a good job, it

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