Fontlab or Glyphs app?

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Hello Typophiles,

I'm a student very interested in typeface design. I've been practicing my type drawing skills, but I'm ready to take it to the next level (digitizing). I've heard many bad things about Fontlab, but I understand it is the industry standard. How about Glyphs app in the mac app store? Does anyone have experience with this yet?

Thanks for any input, I've learned a great deal from this forum so far.


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Tim, Look at Type Tool or Fontographer - and any bad things you have heard about Fontlab are usually someone who has not worked with it very long - it is not perfect but it is the industry standard. Until it came along Fontographer was and is still a good choice and one in which I had students up and running very quickly. Both Type Tool and Fontographer also have pathways to upgrade to Fontlab. Good luck with your choice,

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There is this thread and I think there might be a couple of others on the subject as well.

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Thanks for the response :) I think I'm going to do the 30 day trial for each, and see how it goes.

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Good Choice Tim

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