What is this font?

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Here is one of the logos of my school :

I have to build a part of their website for a project.

To integrate the logo, I need to change its color but I don't know which font has been used.

Can you find it?

Thank you.

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I think it has been done with 3 different fonts:
- ISEN: I can't be affirmative but something like Bell Gothic (or even more Letter Gothiccould do the trick at small size). Onuava is also close. Having a look to their "similars" at MyFonts could be helpful too: here, here and here
- Brest: first thought was "freebie" or at least, custom from an existing font "not-so-well-designed". Could be Yorkville
- école d'ingénieurs: looks like Myriad but I'm probably wrong.
The other solution would be to switch to their actual corporate typeface, T-26, as it could be seen on their main website and use Myriad as complementary.

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Thank you for your answer.

I'll try that and keep you updated.

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It works with T-26 TargetBook.

Thank you!

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