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Here is a logo designed for a school for children with disabilities called SDC School.

Our foundation is known as the SDC Blue Ribbon Foundation and in this logo, we are trying to represent things like happiness, trust, and friendship

We are just looking for some critique on how we can improve our logo.

Thank you for your help.

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It sounds like a wonderful organization, and a very worthwhile cause. Have you considered hiring a professional designer? Many will give discounts for causes that are worth supporting, and in the end the cause will benefit greatly by having a well designed logo - the first point of identity for your organization. I would strongly suggest looking into the option at the very least.

About your design:
It definitely reads as SDe. Also, I think you have too many things going on here in too many different styles. Simplify.

On another note, I often steer people away from acronym logos because acronyms create barriers between those who know what they stand for and those who can't figure out what those seemingly random strings of letters mean.

Hope that helps!

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This literalist take on 'happiness, trust, and friendship' is too complicated. You've also introduced a major legibility problem. I think a much better starting place would consist of picking up a pencil and drawing letters that are happy, friendly, and/or trustworthy.

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Too many styles... And I agree with Luma. You may even get a pro-bono logo for your organisation. Try local design university programmes/schools...

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