Intel-native FontLab Studio 5.1 for Mac to arrive in July 2011

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We are pleased to announce that Fontlab Ltd. will release an Intel-native FontLab Studio 5.1 for Mac OS X in July 2011. Currently, the application is undergoing internal testing, and beta versions will be issued to selected testers within the next week.

FontLab Studio 5.1 will be mainly a bugfix release and will be available free of charge to all users of FontLab Studio 5. It will not introduce new features but because it's Intel-native, users on Intel Macs will experience a significant increase in speed (up to 2.5x faster) and stability. Users who upgrade to Mac OS X 10.7 Lion will secure an uninterrupted workflow.

Following the release of FontLab Studio 5.1, Fontlab Ltd. will publish TypeTool 3.1 for Mac OS X, a free update for all users of the popular TypeTool 3 font editor. This update will also make the application Intel-native.

Later this year, Fontlab Ltd. will introduce FontLab Studio 6 (for both Mac OS X and Windows) which will include a number of further improvements and several interesting new features.

Below is a small screenshot showing a development build of FontLab Studio 5.1 running as a Intel-native Mac application:

Stay tuned for more news from Fontlab Ltd.!

Best regards,
Adam Twardoch
Fontlab Ltd.

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You could always run 10.6 in a virtual machine until there is a dependable version of 5.1. It seems absurd, but it should work.

I don't think you can get 10.6 to run in a virtual machine... from what I can remember, there's specific code to prohibit the client version installing/running there... 10.6 Server will, however, run in a virtual machine (but that is just overkill!). Probably easier just to install Lion then make a separate partition for 10.6 to run those apps that really need it (e.g. FontLab 5.0 and Adobe CS).

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Virtual Box claims that it can run OS X in a VM as long as you run it on Apple hardware. Doing so might violate Apple's nutty EULA.

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>I prefer to think of Robofont as the zippy new cruiser that will pull us from the lifeboats of a ship that already sank.

That's a perfect recipe for how to miss the boat ;)

>Is Robofont a shipping product that currently runs on Lion?

It runs on Lion like a champ, and it hardly matters when it ships as long as it does. Its author will be speaking at ATypI if you're looking for release-time clues.

I have moved to Robofont full time for the integration it brings to my work as a designer, producer and hinter of full functionality fonts for print and web, if that's another clue.

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>I have moved to Robofont full time for the integration it brings to my work as a designer, producer and hinter of full functionality fonts for print and web, if that's another clue.

Thanks, David!

PS: How was "The Pres"?

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Please give me a link to the software program, if that is what it is, to Robofont?

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Here is the link to the description of the talk upcoming at ATyPI. I got a sneak peak from Petr van Blokland at TypeCon, and it looked very impressive.

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re. Robofont: Entirely written in Python...

Does that mean that it will run under Windows too?

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i'm so impatient.......

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OK it is the last day of August. Where are you FontLab Studio? for MAC Lion? Please.

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I am not going to say I am losing patience, but I think I would have preferred a reasonable time line instead of first, July, then August, then? I am unfortunately reminded of the problems of Quark with the many updates, etc., all of which did not work well, and the constant crashing they caused. Let's get real here. Whatever you do, don't sell anything to Adobe!

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...those fidgets again.

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fixing bugs, fixing bugs, finding some new ones that are ship-stoppers, fixing them, fixing them.

I'd say a public "beta-level" release is just days ahead. The final release -- I cannot tell. Be assured, we're working on it with full power.


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Ship-stoppers... I read somewhere that Soviet scientists originally referred to software bugs as skerries.

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Which suggests that the FontLab bug fix process is probably something like this.

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I have moved to Robofont full time for the integration it brings to my work as a designer, producer and hinter of full functionality fonts for print and web, if that's another clue.

Oh. This sounds very promising! I am *so* tired of empty promises.

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Promise floats ;)

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Lion-compatible FontLab Studio 5.1 Public Preview for Mac OS X is now available at

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Got t! Works ok so far!

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I now get an error message when I generate OTF fonts I'm working on (wether from Ben Kiel's script or regular menu).
The fonts have no features. Am I supposed to add something for the AFDKO to work or is it something else?
The message I get:
ERROR: There was a problem while compiling OpenType font. Final .otf font is not saved. Please, check OpenType features definition for errors

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please visit and report the problem along with your VFB.
Please enter "5.1PP1" as version number and "4269" as build number.


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New version of FontLab Studio 5.1 Public Preview 2 for Mac OS X is now available at:


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