Realistic handwritten fonts

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I'm looking for a realistic handwritten font. I've been looking at Signature from YWFT...

Needs to be loose but not overly sloppy looking.

Wondering what the typophiles suggestions would be. Any tips would be much appreciated.

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Hi, below I've listed my favorites.

1. Suomi Hand Script
2. FF Mister K Pro
3. Louisiana
4. FF Hands Pro
5. Liza Text Pro


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Run your mouse over the Sudtipos landing page and see if anything grabs you. Or check this list at FontShop.

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Unlike in calligraphy, there can be no "realistic handwriting" without... mistakes!
So there is only one font that qualifies, #2 on Sevag's list.


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Don’t forget beautiful Olicana by Nick Cooke.

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FF Mister K is one of the best handwriting fonts I've ever seen, so fun to use.

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I love how Tomi's script ignores the baseline.
Mister K is brilliant in many ways, but it sticks too close to the baseline for an otherwise casual and idiosyncratic face. Still, that does make it "loose but not overly sloppy", as requested.

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Sorry I forgot Olicana! Awesome.
And the only other one that works I think.


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Hey all,

Thanks for the great recommendations.

Mr. K looks pretty dang close to what I had envisaged. Added bonus: it will give me an excuse to use the term "kafkaesque" in client presentations. Although, that might not go over so well.


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Mister K’s sister is sweet … ;^D

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Oh and there is another digitization of Kafkas handwriting simply called Kafka

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If Underware would release Mr Porter for retail, it might be the best on the public market, I think; right now its still under license by the studio that commissioned it.

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