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Image bank is a camera shop's name,and its for those people who r 30-year-old and over,live in the high quality life.We are asked to design the logo for it.

I did some sketches [img01]

and these are the ideas ive done with computer[img02-04]

i know they are kind of ugly,so plz dont be too harsh on them >_<

and ill be very thankful if anybody can give me any other ideas or suggestions


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These look too grunge-y, in my opinion. The 30-year olds will remember their teenage years when they see this. It doesn't jive with the current, successful lifestyles thay have now. You need more glamour!

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You need to change the name or be sued. The Image Bank is a huge stock photo house with I would guess more than a few lawyers. Your only saving grace might be if the word "The" is part of their name.

As for the look, try exploring the name in a pixel font. Digital photos are the images of today and hip 30+ people will be looking for digital cameras.

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but it asked us to design the name"image bank"!

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>but it asked us to design the name"image bank"!<

You must inform them of their potential for legal action. They most-likely are not aware. You will probably be thanked profusely by them for saving them great expense and be given the opportunity to work on whatever new name they choose.
You might also have them run their name through Thompson&Thompson to see if any other conflicts occur.


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