Amicus Redux

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Just finishing up a bottle redesign. Some of you may recognize this project from a couple years back. Reworked the logotype and typo in general.

Thought I would solicit some feedback. This is for a screenprinted bottle, all black will be matte ink on a jet black glass. Capsule will be red wax.

This is a high-end napa cab.

Thanks in advance.

jpeg of the front and back (Cabernet & Sauvignon wrap around the sides of the bottle)

here's a pdf of the bottle (flat mechanical file)

amicus_CSbottle1.2.pdf (1246.6 k)

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Very nice, clean, and elegant design. I don't see anything that needs improving, but if I had to throw out suggestions...
I might try adding a little more of the red somewhere – perhaps on the rules that wrap around the bottle.
And, hmmm, maybe tighten up the kerning on A/M of Amicus a wee bit.

Looks great!


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bro, i remember this! one of the most beautiful wine bottle designs i have seen!

can we see picturews of the finished thing please?

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Geppetto ?
LOL Why is dat name ?
Regards from Pinocchio country,

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Is that Requiem? I'm using it on a Cabernet & Sauvignon wine bottle also... Call it a double trend :P

Amazing! Perfect work.

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