Introducing Apolline PTF

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ApollinePTF, is a french classic dedicated to text settings and editorial projects. 2011 is year of the renaissance for this popular typeface now available in 10 series, romans + italics.

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From € 210 for 8 users.

Introducing Apolline PTF
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The ApollinePTF typeface family was created in 1993 as a means to study the transition from Renaissance writing into the first printing types. Rather than sticking to the method commonly used these days for the creation of revivals of Jenson or Bembo types, it seemed more interesting to try and get in the same mindset as those exceptional designers during this pivotal period in the history of typography.

Initially Jean François Porchez made ApollinePTF drawings modelled after his own calligraphy. They were done at a very small size on tracing paper (2 cm high for the capitals) to preserve the irregularity of human handwriting. Besides emphasising the horizontal parts of the letter forms, the serifs were designed asymmetrically to reinforce the rhythm of the writing. Read more on the blog entry.

A typeface by Jean François Porchez

Apolline PTF special offer

To celebrate the launch of the ApollinePTF, clients benefit a special price of only euros 168 of any of the packs (standard price at € 210). To access this special offer, you must login at, then jump to your account page.

→ Please contact us for activation.
Available through 30 June 2011.

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Awesome! That r swash is brilliant!

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Thanks. The r swash was present on 1995 version, but now so easily set via OpenType!

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Is this an extension of the original? I remember this from the "Creative Alliance" days!

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