Please help with finding a good font management program

Hi, I read a lot of reviews about font management programs and decided to try Suitcase on my PC. While reviews say it is intuitive and easy to use, I find its interface very poor. It is pain to navigate, choose, activate, and organize fonts. The interface is awkward, and even lacks basic functionality.

For example if I don't view fonts listed by family and select the font on the font list pane, the Preview pane doesn't have a scroll bar when the font doesn't fit in it, so in order to see all letters, I have to change its preview size and can't see it at the desired size.

The font list pane is the most awkwardly designed list view. Clicking on names of columns to sort also moves the scroll bar so if I'm at the letter A on the top I still stay at the letter A but at the bottom which defeats the whole point of sorting and the worst of this is if I sort the fonts by Activated, when I'm not on top or bottom of the list, the activated fonts do not appear in view until I scroll the pane bar.

If I want to view all letters of all fonts in a set by scrolling with the page keys on my keyboard I have to make sure I never click in the font list pane and if I have, then in order to be able to page in the Preview pane again, I have to go to the Library pane, select another Library and then select back the desired Library.

The worst of all is, if I view fonts grouped by families and activate a font in the Preview pane, Suitcase will automatically scroll the Preview pane to the top of the list. For example let's say I want to scroll with the page key in the Preview pane to find fonts by their look and activate them. Upon activation of a font, Suitcase will scroll aromatically back to the top of the list loosing the place in the list which is very frustrating. When I like a font I would like to activate the whole family but this is possible only in the font list pane and if I go there and select a font family, I loose the scrolling through all fonts of the set in the Preview pane because choosing an item in the font list pane shows only that in the Preview pane.

Scrolling the font list pane with the arrow keys on the keyboard is a pain too. Down arrow selects the next font family down the list. The right arrow expands the font family folder with all fonts in it selected, so pressing the down arrow again doesn't select the first font in the family as expected but the next font family which makes no sense.

Adding fonts in different libraries or sets is big pain too because it is not possible to have expanded views of all libraries at the same time which causes excessive dragging. First drag to the library, wait to expand, then drag down the list of sets, find the set and finally drop. Why not leave the desired libraries expanded all the time so the user can see where the set is and drag directly to it.

These are just a few of my annoying and frustrating experiences with Suitcase. I'm describing my experience in the hopes that other users can understand what would be a good font manager for me and give some suggestions. Trying each font manager takes considerable time to evaluate it properly and I'm hoping those of you who have experiences with other font managers can share it.

I will greatly appreciate your input.

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There aren’t that many font managers out there, so you might have to be a little more flexible in order to be satisfied with any of them, but maybe try NexusFont? It’s pretty new and it’s free.

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Did you try [Bad link]?


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No, I haven't tried any other font managers. If you guys have used a font manager that lets you quickly organize, find, choose font, and is pleasure to use, please let me know.

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Give it a try. [Bad link]


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This [Bad link] entry offers a good overview of what is available.

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Thanks for your feedback GS. This kind of detailed feedback is always helpful. I've passed it on to our development team.


Jim Kidwell

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