Constantine movie / magazine layout

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This is the illustration/typographic layout designed to accompany text for an article/review of the soon to be released
film Constantine.This article was for the March 2005 issue of

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Hi Ole,

I commend you on incorporating the typography with the underlying structure of your composition. It is a tricky thing to balance; with many layers of type and image you run into a lot of spots for potential awkwardness OR potential beautiful relationships.

There are a few key areas that I would pay particular attention to in this piece:

1. The area where the flame meets his hand. It sort of looks like his hand is being consumed by the flame. It doesn't look polished enough to be intentional- it just looks unfinished.

2. The area where his hand rests on the (windowsill?) and interacts with the "t". This focal point would be a great place to really activate your typography. Maybe the "t" becomes the windowframe in the middle of your composition, bringing the window to the foreground on the right half of your composition.

Just a few things to think about. The devil is in the details. :-)

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Great points Sarah. Unfortunantly this work will properly never go any futher unless I decide to rework it solely for my portfolio. The publication it was intended for is no longer in business. The work was incomplete as I was still waiting for final text to be supplied from my editor at the time.

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