Any tips for my first font?

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I recently been making two different font design sketches in Illustrator, feel free to post a comment on the design.

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I think you should change the f, it doesn't remind me of an f at all. The same goes for the t.

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Thanks for the advice.

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I'm a beginner too just so you know.

This may just be my taste. But I find when designing anything, I tend to avoid using gradients whenever possible.

Especially with logotypes or typography, because I find that legibility is very important.

They're just too hard to replicate in mass production and unless they're done well, they can look cheesy.

Not to say that the few letters I saw were cheesy. But if the entire font uses that gradation, it will seem cluttered and illegible.

Anyways, the idea is very creative and I wish you all the best!

Good luck, I'd love to see you make it work.

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