Now Read This - Microsoft ClearType Font Collection book

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I did some spring cleaning over the weekend and I unearthed a stack of these books. I'm selling them for $10 shipped within the US via eBay.

(it's sad that I can't use an em dash in the title of this post).

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what a bargain :@-)

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I work at Microsoft and we still have lots of these books available. We usually give them out for free at conferences and when people come visit us. I'll bring a bunch with me to Typecon to hand out. If you are with a school or college and would like us to mail you some for your students, please contact me.


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They may be giving them out for free, but it is absolutely worth having if you don't have it.

I wonder if the contents could ever be published by Microsoft as a PDF or in some other format to be downloadable/read on tablets?

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Funny. We were just talking about that last week. It's on my to-do list, but I can't promise it right away.

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Michelle, does your offer still stand? I'm currently studying at Reading and would love one.

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Sure. Just send me your mailing address.

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I'm in the UK - would you ship them out here?

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We can ship to the UK.

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What about to Saudi Arabia?!

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