New release: Ambicase Fatface

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Teeline Fonts is proud to announce the the arrival of Ambicase Fatface.

Ambicase Fatface takes an inventive approach to unicase font design, offering not "either/or", but rather "both/and". Each letter in Ambicase Fatface is a combination of its traditional upper- and lowercase forms, in an extra-bold, high-contrast style. Its hybrid forms are a bolder take on those of its 2010 sibling typeface, Ambicase Modern.

Ambicase Fatface stands out as a carefully crafted experimental font: its eccentric forms do not hinder its readability. It is suitable for high-style display settings.

Ambicase Fatface offers a large character set and extensive OpenType features. Most notably, in modern OpenType-aware applications, Ambicase Fatface can be set in swash mode, which features sophisticated decorative flourishes that differ depending on whether the letter is at the beginning, middle, or end of a word.

Ambicase Fatface is available in two optical sizes: Regular and Poster. At very large sizes, the Poster cut, with its finer details, is recommended. An attractively-priced set of both cuts is available.

Ambicase Fatface is available in .otf or .ttf OpenType formats for purchase and download at MyFonts and FontShop .

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Craig, this looks great. Congratulations!

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Terrific! Great work Craig. Congratulations!

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Congratulations! Now on MyFonts, too. Another little step towards world domination! ;-)

I will be curious to see some sample of Modern used along Fatface.

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Thanks guys!

@Bendy & riccard0 Of course special thanks to you and the others who helped out on the crit thread.

@riccard0 Check the bottom of p14 of the updated Ambicase Modern specimen for a sample setting of the two typefaces together.

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Congrats, Craig!

Love the crossbar of E… BTW. Kinda has a bit of attitude. :-)

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Even more awesomer!

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Congrats (again)! Great posters too!

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Congratulations, fun!

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Gorgeous R. Really striking work.

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Thanks all!

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Wow. That is fantastic! A really nice idea that is extremely well executed.

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(Thanks to Nadine Chahine for the ref.)


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Whoo, looks really super!

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