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Wanting to use the Linotype Rezident typeface for something I'm working on but am getting some complaints that the K looks like an H. Wondering what I might be able to do to tweak the K to make it less like the H but also keep true to the typeface as much as possible.

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one option...

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I drew Rezident quite some time ago (more than 12 years in fact) for the design of an identity. Initially I only drew the boldest weight (Rezident Four) as this sufficed for the job. That weight has a much higher contrast and is the most “legible” in my opinion. It was also only this version that I submitted in 1999 to the Linotype 3rd International Type Design Contest where it won a silver award.

When Linotype wanted to release the typeface in 2000 I decided to add a number of extra weights. Being a big fan of Zuzana Licko’s Senator I decided that the lightest weight should also have a very low contrast. In hindsight I regret this decision because I feel this cut makes too many compromises and tries to maintain features that only work well in a heavier weight.

That being said, I think Nick’s suggestion comes pretty close. I would fix the thin part in the middle though, and apply the same solution to the R. See picture below...

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