Logotype needs critique

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This post can be removed.

Sorry folks!

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I like the way you made the r and the a relate to each other, but I think it's too subtle. How would it look if you brought the top stroke of the a closer to the r?
The gap at the bottom of the a looks too big. I suggest you close it up a little. How would it look if you added a similar gap to the e?
There's something about all these curves that makes the v look a little stiff and out of place. What if you curved the left side of the v to follow the curve of the a? (That last one is kind of a long shot, and it might look awful, but you never know.)

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Thanks for the quick reply PublishingMojo!

In the last revision of the logotype (the one I posted) I made the gap between the /r/ and the /a/ even a bit wider, because otherwise the /r/ and /a/ stick together too much in comparison to the others.

When the gap in the /a/ is closed up more, it gets too bulky in the middle. And then the horizontal distribution of the spaces at the bottom is gone.

I had a gap in the /e/ in previous versions, but that doesn't really do it either.

Might try to add a slight curve to the /v/ but I'm afraid that the /e/ will get more lonely.

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