Poynter Web font mystery

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this is bugging me

is there an easy way to find out where the fonts on this site are being served from? the body text on

is reported by the 'what font' tool as PoynterOSTextTwoL, which I thought might come from WebType, but it doesnt seem to. the hinting is weird, see the bottom of the lowercase p decender.

any help appreciated.

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Yes, by a look into the code. The CSS reveals that Reader’s Digest doesn’t use a webfont servive, but rather hosts the fonts itself. They link to raw OpenType fonts (several styles of Poynter OS, as well as Freight Sans and Micro), using @font-face, without any obfuscation whatsoever. I doubt this is in accordance with the EULAs. I will point the respective foundries to this thread.

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ok thanks, I see it in the CSS now. cheers

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Thanks guys.

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