Which 'a' to choose?

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Hey everybody,

I just can't settle on this one. The 'a' has been untouched for a long while, but I think it needed some refreshing. The bottom 'a' is the original.

Thanks in advance!

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The one on top.

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Yes, #1.

However, mind the stroke balance, w-a-y…

Perhaps revise the e.

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"Perhaps revise the e."

What's wrong? I quite like it.

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I'd say the a at the bottom! The one on top looks bland and too "contemporary", like too much other stuff published recently, and its counter size is not in balance with that of the e.

Otherwise, looks great so far!

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Tim Ahrens! I've used your Linotype Aroma as a reference quite a lot. Funny what a website like typophile.com can do. I guess I can't disagree with you on the /a/. I probably wanted to change the original /a/ because I've seen it too much. I've got bored of it. Thank you!

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The e: not actually *wrong*. I just had the feeling that its upper half lacks the last tuning of stroke contrast balance … perhaps it’s just me.

And look at the spacing a_t_e.

Very handsome overall appearance, by the way.

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Thanks Andreas.

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I'm not averse to any of them. Then I guess it's your choice! I think #3 is a little too sloping and #1's counter is perhaps verging on small side, so maybe 'average' #2 is best.

Something I haven't noticed before: the /w/ looks taller on the left than on the right.


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Thanks Nick. I Guess I exagerated the overshoot in the left stroke of the w. Improved Capitals that match the 'new' Capitals in Sensato E will be uploaded soon in the critique section ;-)

I'm sticking with #3. As you said, none of them are 'wrong' and #3 is more original than the others.

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