Suggestions for a Stressed Sans?

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I'm looking for a new stressed sans, maybe a "fresher" version of Ocean?
Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

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By "stressed" do you mean one with contrast?
Condor is versatile and pretty fresh in terms of release date, though connects to historical styles.

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Relato sans
Nota (by typonine)
Ideal sans (by Hoefler & Frere-Jones)
Karmina Sans
Haptic Pro
Quadraat Sans !!!
Leksa Sans
ITC Legacy Sans
Stone Sans

Some of these are just very 'humanistic', others, like Quadraat Sans, have a clearer stress. All can be found on the website, except for Nota and Ideal Sans.

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Thin stressed sans-serifs (high-contrast; incl. Noir, BP Sang Bleu Sans)

Reading sans-serifs (contemporary ‘humanist sans-serifs’, or ‘serifless romans’; incl. Legato, Quadraat Sans)

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For something in the vein of Ocean I second Condor. Or Roxy.

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The newest one is probably Ideal Sans by Hoefler & Frere-Jones

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I don’t see any real stroke contrast besides minor visual adjustments in Ideal Sans. Maybe we should define “stressed sans” first.

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> Maybe we should define “stressed sans” first.

A sans where a layman can see any contrast at all (when asked).


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And I that thought we was talking about a psychological condition! ;-)

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