Fontforge: Generating WOFF option greyed out

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Somehow, for the life of me, I can't get Fontforge to generate a WOFF. In the Generate Fonts dialog, the Web Open Font Format is always greyed out (see attached screenshot). I am trying to convert a regular, otherwise working Opentype/CFF (.otf) file. Are there any prerequisites for generating a WOFF I am forgetting?

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What happens with a ttf?

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Same thing. Always greyed out.
Do I need to install something in order to make it work?

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may it's for a future that has not yet arrived. Have you asked FF?

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According to FF's Help it should be available:

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According to may May 1 2010 sources, woff is deactivated if FontForge can't find zlib. On what system are you using FontForge?

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I'm running FF (sources: 22-Feb-2011) under Mac OS X 10.6.7/X11, so zlib is already installed.
Even so, why is it greyed out? Shouldn't it display an error message in such a case?

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Shouldn't it display an error message in such a case?

I guess so. Here are two lines I grepped somewhere in the sources that should generate some message:

ff_post_error(_("WOFF not supported"), _("This version of fontforge cannot handle WOFF files. You need to recompile it with libpng and zlib") );
ff_post_error(_("WOFF not supported"), _("Could not find the zlib library which is needed to understand WOFF") );


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I installed the 2011-02-11 version of FontForge with macports on both OS X 10.5.8 and OS X 10.6.7 and I can't reproduce your problem.

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Problem solved: whatever it was, I re-installed fontforge via Fink and it works now. My guess is that I was missing some dependency, and Fink took care of that now.

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