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Hey all,

How amazing is this awesome poster from SxSW? I think Kelli Anderson did it, but the real question is what typefaces were used?

Any ideas?

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Looks like Futura, Hellenic Wide, and maybe Univers 49.

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You're definitely right about Futura and Hellenic Wide, I don't think the condensed san serif if Univers 49. The 'R' is very different.

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The condensed sans could be Heroic Condensed.

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Yeah, it could be any number of condensed grotesks. Akdzidenz, Heroic, Tungsten, etc.

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My vote is MVB Solano Gothic.

It has plenty of weights and the G, R, S all look right.

- Mike Yanega

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Seb nailed it, it looks like Heroic Condensed, the M, G, J, S, and numerals all match.
The poster is really nice, but I'm surprised Kelli didn't catch the really blatant kerning issue between A and Y in THURSDAY and FRIDAY.

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You're right seb! Awesome, thanks everyone!

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