New release: Familiar Pro

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This family was inspired by a Type Battle here at Typophile: How would you design a font metrically compatible with Helvetica, but better than Arial? Working with preset letter widths was an interesting constraint, both a relief and a limitation at the same time.

I have done all the 4 basic weights, and the skewed obliques (done to a slightly less steep 10 degrees angle as opposed to the originals 12) has been optically adjusted. The letters have been designed quite close to the german/swiss grotesk tradition, but by using super-elliptical rounds, rounded dots and slightly curved outer diagonals the end result is a friendly looking font family that still looks... familiar.

Please enjoy the free "Bold" weight of our new 8-face family Familiar Pro. Download it and take it for a spin. Test out the quality of the outlines and the language support - and then come back for the rest of the family! ;)


High quality multilingual fonts at a low price - for professional (non-english) designers with a small budget!

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Looks like just the ticket for those that want both Helvetica and Eurostile. Right neat, by the way.

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… both Helvetica and Eurostile…


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That one's gunna gimme nightmares.

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Heldustry looks a bit... familiar, too - but it is still quite cold. I didn't even know such a font existed. Fun idea, though - but IMO it ended up too close to Helvetica and not much like Eurostile at all... ;)

My aim with Familiar Pro was to make a softer and friendlier "replacement" font by gently squeezing the round shapes (like with a soft ball) and also the diagonal letters (like they were squished from the top and bulged out). Some different lettershapes and the rounded dots completes the friendlyness :)

Umm... Nightmares?

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About people being mass-murdered by the scores and Heldustry just saying that they had it coming. As you said, it's one stone cold sumbee.

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I'd never thought of metric compatibility as a way of exiling established dog-flavored fonts! Brilliant, and the best of luck with this. And we should keep going. Times is next of course!


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