Discrimination logotype

Hi everybody,

just because it has a lot to do with the typography, I’ll make me bold and post a logotype I made for 4th Virtual Biennale of Graphic Design, which was held by AUG – the topic was ‘Discrimination‘ and as usual, submitted posters had to be just in black and white. And that’s why I decided to make a simple typographic logotype, using Tomáš Brousil’s Comenia Sans typeface.

Eventhough it has been already published, I will be pleased to read any comments and critics, while feedback is always very welcome!

Thanks, JT

(the first line is in Czech)

Andreas Stötzner's picture

Though spotting a lot of dots, I can’t see the point.

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This looks like a discrimination to /i/.

I like it even though I'd rather choose a different font with less round shapes and squared dots on /i/. This would make a better blend of dot and /s/ or /o/.

But otherwise it's a very nice idea and makes the point of discrimination. Very well done indeed.

Andreas Stötzner's picture

I don’t think this is a good idea at all.

It is a very simple optical gag, the ligation/contraction of the i’s body.
Very nice.
What has this to do with discrimination?

There’s not really wit in it.

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clever concept, the execution can be improved.

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> It is a very simple optical gag

I would say it is too simple to be interesting or memorable.

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