Extensis Universal Type Server 3

Has anyone here seen a demonstration of this release of UTS? If so, do you see it as a significant move forward from UTS and UTS2? Despite the fast approaching release date there is very little information on the Extensis website.

If Thomas Phinney sees this, would you be able to give your perspective on the new release? I am particularly interested in the font usage reporting and font license enforcement features.

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Hi there,

We pre-announced Universal Type Server 3 this week. Full information will be publicly available in the coming weeks about the wide variety of new features that will be available in version 3.

Briefly, the Font Usage reporting features will allow you to track activations, deactivations, additions and removal of fonts in your collection. Font licensing enforcement features will allow you to enforce the font licensing restrictions, either by strictly prohibiting more than a certain number of users from accessing a font, or by merely notifying the administrator when the font goes out of compliance.

We also built quite a few new creative tools such as QuickMatch, Font Snapshots and more into the Universal Type Client.

More info coming soon. Thanks for your interest.

Jim Kidwell

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Thank you, I look forward to seeing more information as it becomes available and hopefully a demonstration of the product. Are you able to expand on the QuickMatch and Font Snapshots technology at all?

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QuickMatch allows you to find similar fonts in your collection based on what is in the preview. So, you could enter whatever text you want, then use QuickMatch to find similar fonts based only on the glyphs used in your preview.

Font Snapshots allow you to create a font preview using any text you want that can then be dragged off to the desktop as a PNG file. This is great for creative people who need to share what a font looks like without actually sharing the font itself. For example, this could be helpful when choosing a new typeface for a client's projects, and needing to get that client's approval. Font Snapshots are also anti-aliased to a transparent background so they can be easily used in other applications, websites, etc.

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Thank you for the additional feedback, Jim. Much appreciated!

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