Swashy 70s-ness

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i'm about to begin work on a tshirt design for a friend, and am looking for a swashy 70s sort of face that will have huge swooshes and be rather bold. i realize hand drawing it may be necessary once i have the font - but can anyone recommend a good starting point?

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ooh thats niiice.

sorry about that double post. hopefully someone will fix that.

any other suggestions out there?

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I've got a free font i've done that you can dowload from http://hxbrand.com/type/type.html.
Scroll down to "Seventies Schoolbook". Warning: not all of the upper case letters have been drawn, but it may be something to look at if nothing else.

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yo paul d to the hunt.

thanks for that free face. here's the rough version of the tshirt im working on - ill rpbably be printing it out and redrawing some of it by hand, and i'll be drawing a flexing piece of wood as well (the beauty of wood is that it flexes under pressure - not just break.. intelligent words from my father the carpenter as we stood below my griflriends attic and watched the ceiling bounce up and down a good 5 inches as a crowd dances to a band we were showing above).


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glad ya liked the font Ben, it's pretty rough (that's why it's free!), but I think with some manipulation you can really make it yours and make it look good. G'luck with yer project!

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Ben, if you end up using a copy of Paul's typeface, you should send him a T-Shirt. I'm sure he'd dig that

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oh right on. what size are you paul? if anyone else is interested lemme know yer size too.

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very cool, but please fix my funky f ;^) at very least

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Yea.. Pauls 'Seventies Schoolbook' is lovely, and, it seems looking pretty good on tShirts..

( Ben, If you are still seeking other swashy, scripty 70s typefaces, you may want to refer to this recent Typophile thread.: > www.typophile.com/cgibin/discus.pl?pg=prev&topic=83&page=52698 )

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Ben, just adjust the relationship of the S. To me it reads: That the beauty 'S of wood

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