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This is my first post on Typophile... must say I really like what I've seen so far and I look forward to more actively participating in the community.

That being said, I'd like some input in picking a typeface to set a wordmark in. I'm an upper-division Visual Communciation Design student at Arizona State University, and was recently elected to our Graphic Design Student Association committee. A little background, GDSA is in charge of all events, programming, and fundraising for our undergrad program. We put on events that help get our undergrads more involved in the design world around them, including guest speakers, local firm visits, and an out-of-state winter trip each year. For fundraising, we put on various exhibitions including poster shows and "studio nights," in which the third and fourth year students showcase their work. GDSA also coordinates mentor nights to help out our lower-division students with their studio work and offer input based on our past experiences with those courses.

One of the goals of our incoming committee was to get GDSA much more involved in student life, as it has been severely lacking in overall quality the past few years. We decided to rebrand ourselves to help convey this new, bold approach, and I'm basically art directing the process.

One of the icons we've come up with is simple... black circle with white Eames Century Modern (black) type inside spelling out GDSA. While this works well on its own, I'd like to have a wordmark to either appear next to it or below, or be incorporated into the design of the sign. I've made a few experiments on my own, but would like your input on the matter. Sans-serif preferred.

I attached a copy of our sign... thanks for reading and I'm looking forward to your input.

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Of my own experiments, I'm really liking DIN Condensed Light with tracking set to 80, Eurostile Condensed tracking @ 100, and Klavika light @ 140

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Sounds like a perfect exercise task to be given to your design students.

The round black mark is not a bad point to start with.
However, I wonder if the overall approach could be a bit more – well, inventive.
“GSDA” in that fashion could be anything.

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The re-design of Comedy Central pairs Eames with Brandon Grotesque and it looks good.
Other possibilities could be Verlag, Proxima Nova (condensed?), or something even more geometric like Futura/Nobel/FF Super Grotesk.

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