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Hey Guys,
Any critique on this logo is appreciated. I'm open to everyones thoughts on the face choice (and the relationship to the symbol), kerning, layout, etc is I'm guessing some will comment on single color reproduction issues on the graphic mark, but this was kinda thought about before going with this treatment. Thanks,

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Hello Michael.

Please give me a more extended explanation about the concept of your logo.

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You should move your post here.


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reproduction of the mark is vital and "kinda thought about" isn't exactly what a client wants to hear. of two i prefer the top stacked version. bottom seems to get long. the 'o' and 'd' seems kinda tight. bottom text seems tight all around. horizontal balance seems tad bit off between mark and type. what's this for?

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Hey guys,
Its me again...really trying to get this lockup working and get better at logo dev (Slow going :) Any feedback on the mark / type relationship in this version is much appreciated. My first real attempt at hand kerning, so any comments are great. Grid included on second image. I've been lurking the typophile font ident forums for quite awhile, have learned a tremendous amount. Just found the logo forum thanks to the above, cheers. Thanks in advance,

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hi Hola,
Thanks for the feedback, appreciated. The client is an interactive designer, and art directed the mark - he wanted movement & overlapping geometric shapes interacting. The "feeling evoked" was the most important aspect for him; in the same way the nike swoosh evokes motion but is not a conceptual mark. The mark reproduction is vital and I understand that, but for his business the primary application is digital and 4 color reproduction...I'm not sure this is much more difficult to reproduce than this identity by Pentagram. Thoughts?

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It looks good and friendly.
I’d go for the lowercase type.

Your last example: does it HAVE TO BE this kind of type again?

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digital reproduction is toss up or at least has been in the past. with the quality of new monitors & smartphones screens i think you'll be alright. 4 color vs 1 or 2 pms colors reproduction is always going to be a challenge. variable such as ink/paper/printers will challenge the consistency of color for sure. But that happens with everything.

I also like the lower case option better, but like the openness of the type in the second option. Great mark by the way. =)

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Thanks for the feedback guys, much appreciated. Yeah after talking with the client, I think we both agree that sentence case is the way to go. The last one is "YELLING", and counteracting the friendliness of the mark.

I also feel like besides loosening up the type on the first version, there is still a balance issue on the stack...the relationship between the mark and the type doesn't feel "in the pocket" so to speak. Does anyone have any ideas on why this may be? (weight, size, leading, etc)

I've tried a lot of faces and the one chosen has the right mix of square/ humanist feel to me (a lot of square sans feel really harsh). Not sure how Pentagram can set Univers, making it look so classic (in the grant thorton example) - when I set it with my mark, it seems to look dated. (Ha)

Any other insight in pushing this to the next level is really appreciated. Thanks guys for taking the time :)

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