Looking for a script font for an invitiation

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I started an invitation using Adios Script (Sudtipos), and began looking for a Hebrew script font to match. I then found Egotrip (Fontbit), and through the evolution of the invitation, I'm now looking for a new English script to better match the Hebrew.

I'd like to mimic the strokes in the Hebrew (some thickness variation, but thin and smooth; handwriting-based; alternates to make the name unique). I hate to say that the overused Zapfino is close, but I won't use it.

Quijote Sauvage may be close, but I'm not sure. I looked through a bunch of scripts on MyFonts. As you can see, I only need to set the name.

Any help would be appreciated.



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I just had an idea: assuming the person can manage something decent, what
about actually getting her to handwrite it? That would make it much more personal.


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