Titling Numerals or a natively designed font?

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I'm designing a business card for myself and I've come to a crossroads regarding priorities.
For my phone-number I'm unsure whether or not I should use Berling Antikva, which comes from my home-country Sweden or if I should choose a face with titling numerals, like Adobe Garamond Pro.

I was curious to see the general consensus here on Typophile, what would be more important to you personally?

For reference here is Berling: http://www.identifont.com/samples/ef/Berling.gif
And Adobe Garamond Pro: http://www.prepressure.com/images/dict_old_style_numerals.png

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Berling Nova?

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Thanks Frank!

It's a shame it doesn't look too well.
Maybe I'll letterpress Berling, making up for the lack of titling.
Still, a big thank you!

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I think phone numbers can work well in osf, but it is a matter of preference. If the osfs are too far off from the lining figs they have a tendency to draw attention to themselves. In any case, I wouldn't give up on Swedish faces: Fountaintype have some alternatives.

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