A couple faces from L.A. Noire

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Hi all,

For better or worse I spent a large part of my weekend playing L.A. Noire, and in between inspecting murder scenes I kept spotted some very nice bits of type - wall-painted ads, signage etc. I know that the game uses Silas Dilworth's Heroic Condensed (beautifully) for the title cards and menu screens among other things, but would really appreciate some guesses on these two examples.

Thanks in advance,

Apartments290.05 KB
Coroner211.92 KB
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CORONER is similar to TPC's Command Module


- Mike Yanega

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the bold copy is Eternals http://www.thefontry.com/racepak1b

the secondary copy looks like FHA Egyptian Bold http://www.thefontry.com/atkinsonvol1

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