Scaned sources for XIX century specimen characters - ornements

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I'm looking for some specimen sources from printers (nineteenth century), scanned and downloadable as PDF.

I'm interested in ornements and I want to use it for inspiration and vectorize some.

So far I found these downloadable sources (PDF) :

> Handy specimen book; specimens of type, borders and ornaments, brass rule, woodtype etc. Catalogue of printing machinery and materials, wood goods, etc (1897)
> Spécimen des caractères de l'imprimerie Edmond Monnoyer
> Spécimen des caractères anciens de la fonderie Turlot

Do you know more sources for ornements ?


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If you buy the Taschen Type books you'll have access to their massive archive of high-res scans of hundreds of type specimens, most of which contain ornaments.

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Thanks !

By the way I found this amazing ressource : a directory of dozens of links to specimen books

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