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These are the optoins presented after the first revision for a job I

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I forgot to mention, the name is Villagranja because they all are from Villagran, a small town nearby, so they are trying to benefit from a natural/traditional image. villa=villa granja=farm


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The first design is more memorable and fits their traditional image. I like the butterfly with the type- it works well. The only thing is- if you use the stroke under the copy, I would merge it with the "j" and make them relate to the butterfly more. Maybe have it be the butterfly trail instead of it being random.

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Hector your stuff is great as usual. My only comment is you don't need the hypen in any version. Any of them is a winner

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As Daniel implied, I believe any of these three concepts could translate well onto a milk carton/container. If you want to pitch one of them over the others you should help the decision makers visualize what you have imagined. Create some comps or even mock ups of the applied logo

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Hector, I like 1, 2, and 4. The 'g' in the third one makes a shape I find unsettling for a reason I can't pin down. This may go away once it's in color. Perhaps the 'V' and 'a' are too horizontal for my taste. I get the impression that Villagranja has wilted or flopped over the bottom storey of the 'g'.

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When I first saw Underware's new script Bello, I immediately thought "high quality dairy products." Maybe it could be used as a companion face to your delicious logo.


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Thanks a lot for the comments, I feel really encouraged. I think I

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{Goudy Heavyface Italic}

Nice choice! What version are you using?

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What's special about this milk? Anything that makes it unique? The only milk packaging that won me over purely on the packaging was Schroeders:

Otherwise, IMHO, milk is milk. It's from BST animals or it isn't. It's organic or it isn't.

So, I'm not helping much, but I guess my point is that if this brand needs to stick out, it really needs to be immensly different than the norm, or it needs to emphasize the unique properties of the milk.

As for what you have, I really like the last one visually. But tend to agree that the hyphen isn't needed.

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I like the concept of the butterfly but feel that if you're going to connect the curved rule to the lc 'j', that the butterfly might need to be altered to serve as a more effective dot

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