vote: what font to create first?

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I working with Tim Botts [Bad link] on converting some of his calligraphy to fonts.

Initially, we're going to take one font through the creation process just to get a feel for the process. So, I'd like to start with a good one. Beyond the initial posting, this will help to give me an idea of what to create next as well.

Here are the options that I'm selecting from. The image below is a composite of Tim's calligraphy and Barry Smith's [Bad link] design work.

If you care to vote, I'd be interested in hearing on the following...
- which is your favorite
- what font would you be most likely to buy, and why

Thanks for you help!

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the 2nd.

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#3. They're all amazing, though. You're going to keep the rough, hand-drawn quality, right?

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Thanks Joshua - yeah - definitely keeping the hand-drawn quality.

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I would change your criteria.
Start with four, as it has the easiest shapes—allowing you to concentrate on how to handle the "distress".
All the others will require some sort of contextuality, which is a whole new ball game.

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Number 4.

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Nick is right - start with Number 4 - it will be a good one to learn on. Plus Four has solid sales appeal. This looks like a great collection Josh.

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Before doing a whole font of any of them, I'd think you'd want to prototype all of them — perhaps just converting the current samples to individual digital letters — to see which best tolerate the limitations of the font environment.

#4 may have the simplest shapes, but it has the most complex surface treatment (looks like it was created with an ink roller?) You will inevitably find there's a tradeoff between simplicity of drawing & the visual character of the result.

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