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Anyone know what determines the stacking order of a family's fonts in the style menu of InDesign's Character pallette?

It seems to have little or nothing to do with font naming as I have a family with normal, caps and expert styles in semilight, regular (w/ bold), & semibold weights, yet these groups are listed in a odd order in InDesign.

Here's my list in the style menu:

Semilight Caps
Semilight Expert
Caps Italic
Expert Italic
Semilight Caps Italic
Semilight Expert Italic
Semilight Italic
Semibold Caps
Semibold Expert
Semibold Caps Italic
Semibold Expert Italic
Semibold Italic
Caps Bold
Expert Bold
Bold Italic
Caps Bold Italic
Expert Bold Italic

Any thoughts/ideas on how to get these into a more organized order (ie: all regular weights together, all semilights together, all semibolds together - other than, of course, splitting them into separate font families).

Thanks in advance for any advice...

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Sorry, I should probably also mention that this is an OpenType family. This is part of an ongoing attempt to convert a (PC) PS T1 family to OT so that I can use it on both my PC and Mac (I started another thread on this conversion process here), but this query is specific to stacking order of styles.

Again, any help would be greatly appreciated...

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I believe they are listed according to the weight class in the OS/2 table, which suggests that some of your fonts may have incorrect or ambiguous settings. It looks like the semibold and bold are falling where they should, but the regular and semilight are not.

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Hi John,

Thanks for your input. That does seem to have been the issue; in the "Basic set of font names" screen in FontLab I had the appropriate Weight set in text, but had left the numerical field blank. Once I set the appropriate numerical value, re-generated the fonts and transferred them to my other computer, the list came up in the correct (by-weight) order in InDesign's style menu.

Now the problem is that the computer I did the work on won't recognize the change (thus the order is still incorrect). I've uninstalled the fonts, deleted them from Suitecase, made sure there are no shortcuts to the fonts in my C:\WINDOWS\Fonts folder, rebooted, even changed the name of the folder the fonts are in, but InDesign won't let go of its cached memory of the font settings. Do you know how to wipe the cache so that InDesign will see the fonts again as if for the first time?

Thanks for your help...

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Do a search on your system for the the file \adobefnt.lst\ and delete all copies (the system may not let you delete some copies, but don't worry about that).

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Thanks again John,

That did the trick; I'd forgotten about those font lists (the filename was actually still in my search list: adobefnt*.lst). Once I got rid of those the fonts loaded up just fine. I think I've finally nailed this conversion process (although now that I've said that in print something else will pop up).

During the search I also found the following files:

C:\Program Files\Common Files\Adobe\TypeSpt\FntNames.db

C:\Program Files\Common Files\Adobe\TypeSpt\AdobeFnt.db

Do you know what these are, if they're necessary, etc?

Thanks again for your help...

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