Changing bitmap font metrics

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Years ago I built a bitmap font (ttf outlines) which I would like to use for web embedding in html now.

The font—like most bitmap fonts available back then—was set to be displayed at 8px size which in case of this font is visually roughly an equivalent of 12px Helvetica.

My question is:

Is there an easy way to change the font's metrics so that its px size would be more accurate when used in html?

It still would only have one native size (as it is a bitmap font), but it wouldn't require displaying at 8px in order to be shown at its native 12px anymore.

What metrics should I change?

Thanks for any information.

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In this case the Em would have to go from 1000 to 1500, or 2048 to 3072 (without scaling the outlines). Such a non-standard Em won't be a problem these days.

I'd be interested in seeing the results.


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Thank you… I will come back when I get to test that.

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