Presenting Novecento ex:Radical display

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back again.

I've reworked my font Radical and done the following
• Several improvements to spacing and kerning.
• Most of the glyphs revised.
• Global reshape of inktraps.
• Font name change, from Radical Display to Novecento.
• Opentype Locl feature added for Polish: special acute accent kreska now available. To activate it, just select Polish as text language.
• Opentype SS02 feature added: stylistic alternate for /N/ glyph with all accented variants, included Polish kreska.

You're invited to download it and test it

Of course every comment is much appreciated.

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For the moment just congratulations. I will try it out and will report back with observations if necessary ;-)

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Dumb question: what's the difference between downloading normal/web font?
And difference between normal/wide family? They look the same.

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web-font are file formats made for html page embedding. You can put them on your server and attach them to your website with a css line.

What do you mean with "normal" family? On download you have the wide only.
I'm working on other widths but they're not available at the moment.

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Why are there two files for each weight (i.e., "Novecento-NormalWide" and "Novecentowide-Normal")?

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Oh gosh! don't know..
Zip updated. Thank you

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