uni v afii

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Which is the preferred name for cyrillic glyphs uniXXXX or afiiXXXX? I see both being used.

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The default on FontLab is afii... so I would be surprised if it's uni... but there are some uni...'s in amongst the afii...'s to complicate matters.

So, I haven't really helped. Sorry.

(Linotype appear to use uni... Microsoft afii...)

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The default on FontLab is afii...

I am surprised. In the header of the file standard.nam that I downloaded from this old link I read

%%FONTLAB NAMETABLE: 2009 Recommended (no afiiXXXXX, no double-encoding)
% FontLab DEFAULT nametable recommended for all new fonts

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"afii" is the old convention. The newest standard.nam (part of Fontographer 5) no longer uses it. We recommend using "uni", and so does Adobe.

Microsoft uses "afii" in their old fonts. New fonts (Cambria, Constantia etc.) use no glyph names at all.

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Acrobat, the only application that still has a significant need to parse glyph names under some circumstances recognises both the uni and afii names for Cyrillic. afii is obsolete though, and uni makes more sense.

Adam, Microsoft's policy on glyph naming varies: some fonts have format 3 post tables with no glyph names, some have uni format and/or AGL glyph names, and some have non-parseable glyph names. I always try to provide them with uni format names unless they've already told me that they intend to use a format 3 post table for the font or the layout behaviour is such that a direct route from glyph name to character code isn't possible, e.g. an Indic font with a glyph that represents non-contiguous character codes.

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BTW, currently the best way to get the most current standard.nam and encoding files is to download and install the Fontographer 5 demo version (unless of course you buy the full license for Fontographer). Fontographer 5 and FontLab Studio 5 use the same files in a shared location, and Fontographer 5 brings the most current versions.

I realize this is not optimal, but for the time being, that's the way it is. It should change in a few months, though :)

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> "afii" is the old convention.

Old indeed! According to the Minion Pro ReadMe file, version 2.030 created 2007/08/16 already had names beginning with uni; and I cite: Cyrillic glyphs which had names beginning with "afii" now have names beginning with "uni", conveying their Unicode value.

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