Using a Retina Display as external monitor with Fontlab

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Is anyone using an iPod touch or iPhone with a retina display and iDisplay to preview metrics in Fontlab on a Mac? I am tempted to buy an iPod to do this but I want to be sure that Fontlab can cope.

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FWIW, iDisplay runs on Android, and a number of Android phones now have qHD resolution. That's still no substitute for a 1200dpi laser printer though, and those cost far less than iAnything! :-)


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Yeah, but try to hold one in your hand, or put one in your pocket. that gets expensive.

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You can't play Angy Birds on the laser printer.

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James was talking about working, at a desk! :-)
And I haven't wanted to play games for many years now. Maybe that's why I don't have a cellphone.


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With ScreenRecycler and a VLC client this shouldn't be a problem.

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I can confirm that iDisplay works on an iPhone 4 with FontLab. I'd never tried this before--interesting idea. It has no effect on the performance of FontLab, any more than any extra display would. I would be careful about leaving FontLab windows or panels on the smaller display--it leaves them stranded sometimes if you change display setups.

BTW, there's another similar app called Air Display which gets better reviews, but unfortunately doesn't support the resolution of the retina display. The reason they give is that UI elements would be too small to tap on. Apparently they didn't think of this kind of use.

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I just got a tablet - a "Nexus 10", which is a bit cheaper than an iPad, and has a higher resolution screen - to show my FontLab preview window at 300 pixels per inch via Air Display. So far it's working nicely. Maybe not much use to someone who already knows how tweaks will look when scaled down, but I'm hoping it'll help me learn faster, and save some paper.

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