Hit dead-end on performing arts logo

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I'm currently designing a logo for a performings arts/non-profit foundation called Low Key Arts. I've hit a complete dead-end on the last word of the logo. The words 'low' and 'key' are done in G-type Houschka Pro. 'Arts' is done in Candida which I can hopefully find an alternative to. I'm having a lot of trouble fitting the 'arts' around the bottom of the 'y'. That's mostly the source of my frustration. Any help might turn out being a big help. -thanks

PS - Don't mind the spacing -- I'll fix it later.

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It might be interesting just to try this and see what you think:

Move the "ow" over and up so that the top of them are aligned with the top of the "L" and the "o" is actually on the inside of the "L" (if that makes sense). Then change the word "key" to the font that you are using for "arts" (similarly in all caps), and try "arts" in the font that you used for "low", but italic. It might not work, but it might be interesting if the italic of the "a" is the same angle as the "y."

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