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I have recently attempted to brand myself and would like your input. My name is Matthew Crowe so decided to play of my last name and the phrase, 'to crow about it' adapted to 'Crowe About It' and 'Something To Crowe About'. To show people croweing about my work I used a speech bubble with a creative, designed font inside. I have chosen five colours to differentiate each promotional material, for example each letter head a client received could have a different coloured logo on, accompanied by a different colour business etc. You get the idea. I did this to spice up the design a bit.

My current logo design will be adapted to suit certain needs, ie, CD cover would say 'Something to Crowe About Inside'.

For business cards I decided to take the entire shape of the speech bubble. Although it would cost more, the initial cost of the die cut will only be a one off payment.

Any thoughts and criticisms will be very much appreciated, I do not want to commit to a design and then realise I have made mistakes or could improve it.

Thanks in advance.

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Two questions:

1. What's with the grunge looking font? Any particular message you'd like to send across?

2. Logo doesn't really seem like a logo but an application of some sort of design. It doesn't work as a logo. And your business card doesn't have the logo at all if all the words should be on the logo.

Unless you use this as your promotional/advertising material this is not a working logo. But as promotional/advertising it is very well executed and quite appropriate.

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Sorry I have probably got that mixed up. It is more promotional advertisement. No set logo but adaptations of the idea which is the speech bubble etc. As for the font there is no specific reason as I chose it apart from it being bold and more creative, may have to take a look at that. Thank you.

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Promotion then? Ok, you're on the right track. And having 5 different colours makes sense and would be very nice.

But a nice simple logo along with it could be welcome as well. The only logo I can see with this (and would play along very well is one without a symbol. Pure type. Same as you used on the back of your business card. Maybe play with letter positions, weight, colour or anything else. But pure type logo would work very well.

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Thank you. I will have to play about with that. Going back to the business card, on the back do you think the writing is all ok, layout wise. Should the contact details, M,E and W be left aligned or do you think it looks ok staggered how it is?

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I like the general concept; they'll certainly remember your name.

Not sure that the grunge font on one side and the corporate look on the other quite go together.

You might consider putting your name in bold and giving "designer" a cap D. And the M E W abbreviations probably aren't needed; everyone knows what those lines are.

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Oops, that must have been an old business card. The back has a capital D. I will change my name to bold.

It is not allowing me to upload any more images for some reason. Is there a technical issue? I have uploaded it to an image hosing site for the time being, hope there are no rules against this. I chose the grungy font because it was different and gained viewers attention and kept the back simple to not distract from the front as the front is very bold and in your face.

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I think those changes have helped.

> I have chosen five colours

Not sure if you mean the cards will be printed in 5 different color variations, too, or just the other materials. If you mean the cards, I'd suggest asking your printer how it would affect the price to print it as 5 separate flat colors, rather than using CMYK. It will cost more, but the colors will be better and the type will reverse out more cleanly.

(One way to reduce the cost of flat colors is to ask which ink colors the printer already has in stock, as those may be cheaper than custom-mixed colors.)

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Thank you. I have contacted a printer, he suggested that it would need to be done using a four colour process rather than spot colour unless I wanted to pay £25+ for each colour change. To get the die cut made would cost between £50 and £100(one off charge), to get 100-10000(price does not vary) punched would cost £60 and to get 500 printed would be £60. He said using the four colour process would keep the price the same, so could split the 500 into 5x100cards.

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Another issue I have. Does the whole concept suggest I am a designer?

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I think the layout of the info is nice, but I don't get the m, e, w. Are you concerned that people will not know which is which? I would skip right to the info, which speaks for itself. If you had a cell and an office phone, and a fax phone, then I can see making the distinction, but here it is not ambiguous at all. And why M for telephone?

I like the idea of "crow about it" and it really ties in nicely with your URL. I would stick with that phrase throughout the branding.

This is somewhat subjective, but to me the grunge font does not seem "creative" or "different and gained viewers attention". To me it says "trend follower" in a bit outdated style. Unfortunately every teenager 10+ years ago discovered these grunge fonts, and subsequently they became very trendy and were largely used in amateur designs. I would strongly suggest you consider other options unless that particular style is a strong component of your overall portfolio. That may be the best strategy to determining the style - play to what your work is all about. I hope my perspective is helpful.

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The M,E,W has no been removed, you were right. No need for it. M was for mobile telephone.

I agree that the font has been overused however I have tried some other more clear yet still bold fonts but am not sure if they are working for my liking.

Thanks for the input Luma.

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@Matt: Well isn't it obvious? You should use some more contemporary styled faces instead of Arial and Futura. Your grunge looking font has modern shapes while the other couple don't. They also seem to be very crowded with not enough white space around them.

Urbana Bold/Black seem much more appropriate

I'm sure you can find more yourself.

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What I have tried is pen tooling around the current font used and I got this;

I'm not too sure what I think of this, I did it very roughly and it probably shows. Perhaps too cartoon, not the look I am going for.

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That is a huge improvement in my opinion. Some other strategies to try:

- Have the text bleed off the edges so it suggests a shout so loud that it didn't even fit in the speech bubble.

- Play around with the length and size of each line. Try a bit more tracking.

Hope that helps.

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@Luma: that's a nice idea with type extending over border. Very nice.

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Hey I am not sure if you are still working on this, but I came across something that reminded me of your project:

[Bad link]

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