Victorian Nonsense type

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Hi, Does anyone know of fonts similar to any of these?

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I've looked all over for this, and couldn't even locate a name for the style in any of my books. Algerian Condensed is a fairly popular font that is generally like this, but here are four other ideas for fonts with something like this feel: Arched Gothic Condensed, Seminary,
Hattan Antique and Coney Island (all at MyFonts).

Maybe someone with a better collection of old type books, like Nick Curtis or Mark Simonson, could locate the name of the original, but I don't hold a lot of hope that this has been digitized.

- Mike Yanega

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I don't hold a lot of hope that this has been digitized

I second that notion; it doesn't show up in any of the Conner, Kinsley or MacKellar specimen books of the 1870s-1800s I have, which is a bummer, because it's a whole lotta fun...

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Is this an Edward Lear book? Is it a British edition and if so, do you know who published it? Books from this era tended to be printed locally so it might help in tracking down the names of the original typefaces, presuming it is "fancy" type and not lettering.

Coffee Bin at MyFonts have a couple of fonts similar to the "and", and others from this era. You might also find something you like at Letterhead Fonts, but I don't remember seeing anything digital that is very close to this.

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Thanks for all the great tips on this, much appreciated. I particularly like Arched Gothic Condensed and Seminary, they are definitely in the right territory, not quite as bonkers but getting there!

Justin - yes it's an old Edward Lear book, the only other information on the cover is R. J. Bush, 32 Charing Cross Road, London.
The Fancy Type book looks like a brilliant reference and the Coffee Bin fonts are also great.

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