Contemporary Sans & Script combinations

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I have been tasked with combining the existing wordmarks of two construction companies to create one unified mark. One mark uses Futura, the other Palace Script. In my eyes this isn't a combination that works. The business is luxury homes, so I would like update the type to create a sturdy, upmarket yet contemporary combination. And avoid the retro route!

Scripts are a particular weakness of mine, so particularly looking for suggestions on that front. I guess a high contrast black italic could work too. Any examples of contemporary sans/script combinations also appreciated.


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I'm not a fan of scripts at all, either. They're messy, to say the least. To keep it classic and luxurious, I think that a good choice of a script-like font would be something along the lines of or another 1950-60s-esque font. Keep it classic.

As for pairing Futura with it, are they using Futura regular or condensed? If they're using condensed, try another condensed font like Bebas, Helvetica Neue Condensed, etc. I think that Helvetica would be a good pair with a script because of it's capital R's, but I understand if you don't want to use it for a logo since it is about as mainstream as it gets.

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Thanks for the reply! And the suggestion, I think you are on to something there.

They are using regular at the moment, but I am looking to switch that over to a condensed face, as I think that will work better with the script. It should also help it feel a bit more solid.

Any more for any more?

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