Letraset Cathedral by Martin Wait

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So it's pretty much common knowledge that this typeface was never formatted digitally. I actually contacted Martin who designed this font in the 70s' and confirmed that is has never been digitized.

I desperately need this font for a project. Does anyone have an original Letraset sheet or Letraset book that has a page this alphabet in it that they could scan for me at 1200 dpi / ppi please? I would greatly appreciate it. I have attached an image of what I need. Thanks so much ~ Ted

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E-mail to you - will bring you a scan upon response

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A full font was recently (just a couple of days ago) created by and posted by 'Mindofone' in Alt.Binaries.Fonts. The font is based on a high-resolution image from either a Letraset or Mecanorma rub-on catalog. The font is named "Cathedral". There are other existing fonts with the same name.

If you don't have access to that newsgroup, the original fonts (and ONLY original fonts) that are posted there (no it's NOT only a pirated fonts group) get added to



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